10 Most Popular Coworking Spaces in Lisbon

8 August 2023 | Europe, Lisbon, Portugal, Work

What you can expect from Lisbon’s most highly reviewed coworking spaces

Searching for a comfortable workspace while travelling around the Portuguese Capital? All coworking spaces in Lisbon come with basics like super-fast Wi-Fi and modern office amenities, but the best workspaces for digital nomads and remote workers boast facilities ranging from rooftop terraces to swimming pools.

If you like the sound of an industrial-style coworking space by the waterfront, you might want to try LACS Conde d’Óbidos. Prefer the image of an eco-centric workspace in a converted market building? Second Home Lisbon could be the perfect workspace for you. In Lisbon, coworking spaces occupy venues ranging from restored Art Deco warehouses to traditional townhouses, meaning one of them is bound to be right up your street.

Popular coworking spaces in Lisbon

Typical prices at Lisbon’s coworking spaces

Monthly memberships at Lisbon’s top coworking spaces usually cost between EUR 200 and 250, though flexible memberships for those who just want to escape their home office a couple of days a week can pay as little as EUR 120 at places like Impact Hub Lisbon and LACS Conde d’Óbidos.

Ideal for digital nomads, both those coworking spaces also offer day passes, as do establishments including the minimalist Resvés Cowork Space and Lisbon WorkHub, which occupies a restored warehouse. Just want to get out of the house for a few hours? Workspaces such as Lisbon-Cowork offer half-day passes for as little as EUR 10.

Best coworking spaces in Lisbon: The details

Some of the best-known coworking spaces in the Portuguese Capital include LACS Conde d’Óbidos, Selina Secret Garden & Cowork, Second Home Lisbon and Avila Spaces. Here’s what you need to know about the prices, style, atmosphere, facilities and location of those shared workspaces and many more.

1. LACS Conde d’Óbidos (LACS Communitivity of Creators)

Situated inside a former industrial warehouse overlooking the Alcântara Dock, LACS Conde d’Óbidos  stays open to 24 hours a day to both members and day-pass holders.

The interior design of LACS Conde d’Óbidos has retained many of its industrial style elements, including exposed pipes and concrete floors. High ceilings and large windows allow natural sunlight to flood the neutral-coloured space. Adding a touch of comfort to the atmosphere are features such as green plants hanging from the ceilings and walls, custom-made furnishings, and plenty of artwork adorning the walls.

Besides workspaces, LACS Conde d’Óbidos provides a variety of spaces for visitors to relax, including a café and restaurant with views of the dock and river. There’s also a roof terrace with open-air and shaded seating areas, ideal for enjoying a few drinks after a working day. Within five minutes’ walking distance of LACS are museums including the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Marionette Museum and the Museum of the Orient.

Day passes at LACS Conde d’Óbidos start at just EUR 15 plus VAT. Weekly and monthly membership prices start from EUR 15 and EUR 120, respectively. You can also pay 50 cents per hour between 9 am and 6 pm. Private offices are available from EUR 250 a month.

  • Location: Rocha do Conde de Óbidos, 1350-352 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): 24/7
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 21 053 9176
  • Nearest metro: Cais da Rocha

2. Selina Secret Garden & Cowork

Located on the doorstep of the bohemian Bairro Alto district, the Selina Secret Garden & Cowork is a vibrant and stylish hotel and coworking space that boasts a mix of indoor and outdoor workspaces, including a rooftop terrace and a garden.

The coworking spaces provide a homely atmosphere, with hardwood desks and floors, warm tones, low-hanging lights with wooden touches, and large balcony doors that let in lots of natural light. Decorative touches include feature walls with contemporary art, shelves stacked with ceramics and handicrafts, and potted green plants that add splashes of colour to the minimalist space.

Outside on the terrace, you can work under the sun surrounded by street-art-covered walls. There’s also a shaded rooftop terrace with a bar, pool table and plenty of greenery, though the swimming pool offers the most welcoming respite on hot days.

Within walking distance of Selina, you’ll find popular tourist attractions and museums such as the Pharmacy Museum, the Atelier-Museum Júlio Pomar and Green Street Lisbon. The 19th-century Elevador da Bica cable railway is also less than five minutes away on foot.

Prices for day passes at Selina Secret Garden & Cowork start at a very high-value EUR 10. Monthly memberships that include a dedicated desk are available for EUR 240. If you want to stay in one of the best hotels for professionals in Lisbon, you might want to consider the Selina Secret Garden & Cowork. Prices usually start at around EUR 52 per night.

  • Location: Beco Carrasco nº1, 1200-096 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): 24/7
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 937 532 538
  • Nearest metro: R. S. Bento / Cç. Estrela

3. Second Home Lisbon

Second Home Lisbon is set above the Mercado da Ribeira, a 19th-century market building that now hosts the Time Out Market Lisboa food hall.

Second Home Lisbon

Second Home Lisbon features an industrial-style interior with high ceilings, white walls, large windows and a combination of modern and vintage furnishings. The white communal desks are adorned with plants and shrubs. You’ll also see splashes of colour in the form of orange-painted exposed roof beams and low-hanging lights.

When you need to take a break from the screen, you can relax in the library, grab a bite from the café, socialise at the bar, or kick back on the comfortable sofas in the lounge area. There’s even a surf bus that takes Second Home Lisbon members to the beach in under 20 minutes. If you fancy a walk, attractions such as Pink Street, Museu das Comunicações, the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the 18th-century Cais das Colunas pier are less than five minutes away.

On top of being one of the most popular coworking spaces in Lisbon, Second Home Lisbon is one of our favourite Second Home coworking spaces in the world. Monthly memberships are available from EUR 250.

  • Location: Mercado de Ribeira, Av. 24 de Julho 1o andar, 1200-479 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): Monday–Friday from 8 am to 8 pm
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 21 249 3563
  • Nearest metro: Cais do Sodré

4. Avila Spaces – Business Center & Coworking

Avila Spaces is a contemporary coworking space in a rejuvenated townhouse near the Saldanha interchange, making it easy to reach from just about anywhere in Lisbon.

Avila Spaces Lisbon

The main coworking space area features modern design elements such as metalwork hanging from the ceilings, splashes of bold blues, reds and yellows, and low-hanging lights that complement the natural light that floods the room through the large windows. The spacious, dark wooden desks are accompanied by ergonomic, adjustable chairs and non-imposing dividers that give you a sense of privacy while adding a professional flair to the room’s look.

In the relaxation areas and lounge, you can kick back on comfortable sofa chairs surrounded by vibrant wall art. Creatives will appreciate style features such as patterned rugs, vintage leather sofas, feature walls and bookshelves.

You can expect to pay at least EUR 200 per month for a workstation in the lounge at Avila Spaces. For around EUR 300, you get a private desk, 24-hour access and invites to networking workshops. EUR 400 per month gets you a virtual office, allowing you to register your business address here.

  • Location: Av. da República 6 1º esq, 1050-191 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): Monday–Friday from 08:00 to 20:00
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 21 330 3720
  • Nearest metro: Saldanha

5. Lisbon-Cowork

Lisbon-Cowork is a comfortable spot near the Tagus river that promotes a community atmosphere with its wide-open spaces and intimate setup.


Instead of having rows of wooden desks with dividers, Lisbon-Cowork features grey marble-esque tables surrounded by modern office seats complete with adjustable headrests. There are also bar-style tables and chairs lining some of the walls. Just about everywhere you look, you’ll see pots of greenery hanging from walls, artsy room dividers and workstations.

When you need a break from the screen, you can head to the rooftop terrace for a spot of yoga and stunning views of Lisbon. It’s an amazing place to watch the sunset above the Tagus.

It only costs EUR 10 for a half-day pass at Lisbon-Cowork – there’s no need to sign up for a monthly membership. If this is the right coworking space for you, you can pay just EUR 75 for a full-week pass. The second full week will only cost you EUR 55.

  • Location: Rua da Bela Vista à Graça 27A, 1170-058 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): Daily from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 913 270 008
  • Nearest metro: Santa Apolónia

6. Resvés Cowork Space

Located just a stone’s throw from the happening bars, fashionable shops and 19th-century mansions of Príncipe Real, Resvés Cowork Space is a bold and minimalist workplace with industrial touches and light, neutral colours.

Resvés Cowork Space

Inside Resvés Cowork Space, you’ll see grey laminate floors, white walls, light wooden desks and splashes of bright orange in the form of exposed pipes and lounge chairs. Making this coworking space seem even more roomy are high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows that let natural sunlight fill the interior.

When it’s time for a break, you can play a game of table tennis or relax outside in the urban courtyard. There’s also a small communal kitchen area and a comfortable lounge.

Prices for a hot desk at Resvés Cowork Space start at EUR 25 per day or EUR 88 for a four-day pass. A dedicated desk and 24-hour access will cost you EUR 260 per month. Private offices for teams are available from as little as EUR 750 per month.

  • Location: R. Saraiva de Carvalho 1C, 1250-240 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): 9 am to 6 pm
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 932 034 939
  • Nearest metro: Rato

7. Heden Santa Apolónia

Heden Santa Apolónia is a waterfront coworking space that overlooks the tranquil Tejo river in the heart of Lisbon. On top of being contemporary and slick in design, Heden Santa Apolónia is one of Lisbon’s top-rated coworking spaces thanks in part to its green construction and environmental initiatives.

Heden Santa Apolónia

While working at a large communal wooden table or in a private booth, you can take in sweeping views of the city and river through Heden Santa Apolónia’s floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow natural sunlight to flood the open-plan minimalist interior. When you need a break from the screen, you can sip a coffee on the sun-drenched terrace.

Heden Santa Apolónia has all the facilities you’d expect from a modern coworking space, including a communal kitchen, high-speed Wi-Fi and chill-out areas. There are also seated desks with ergonomic chairs, standing desks and spare monitors for rent. Both members and non-members can treat themselves to complimentary tea and coffee.

Prices for a flexible desk (hot desk) start at EUR 250 a month, and fixed desks start at EUR 330. You can rent a private office for you and your team for as little as EUR 660 a month.

  • Location: Doca Jardim do Tabaco, Terminal de Cruzeiros de Lisboa – Edifício NE 1st floor, 1100-651 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): Monday–Friday from 09:00 to 19:00
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 933 303 304
  • Nearest metro: Santa Apolónia

8. Impact Hub Lisbon

Situated inside a modernised townhouse just 300 metres from Lisbon Cathedral, Impact Hub Lisbon has a mission to connect forward-thinking start-ups and entrepreneurs who envision a more sustainable world. It holds regular events focused on sustainability, and its inclusive coworking space encourages visitors to get involved.

Impact Hub Lisbon

The main coworking space areas of Impact Hub Lisbon features light wooden or terrazzo floors as well as white and neutral-coloured walls that create a bright and airy atmosphere. Spacious white desks and workspaces are surrounded by ergonomic office chairs and decorated with greenery. You can also grab a desk against the wall with dividers if you like to work in privacy.

Ideal for digital nomads, Impact Hub Lisbon offers one-day passes for as little as EUR 20. You can also get two days of access per week for EUR 120 per month and five days a week for EUR 220 per month.

  • Location: Tv. Pedras Negras 1 1.º Direito, 1100-404 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): Monday–Friday from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 910 291 035
  • Nearest metro: Terreiro do Paço

9. Lisbon WorkHub

Situated inside a restored Art Deco warehouse in Lisbon’s trendy Marvilla district, Lisbon WorkHub is a spacious coworking space with communal workspaces, private offices and plenty of chill-out areas.

Lisbon WorkHub

Lisbon WorkHub’s interior reflects an industrial style, with a minimalist décor, terrazzo floors, exposed beams, and lots of straight-line design elements. Low-hanging lights complement the natural sunlight that illuminates the space through floor-to-ceiling windows. When you need a rest, you can soak up scenic views of the Tagus river from the breezy balconies on the upper floors.

In addition to coworking spaces, Lisbon WorkHub offers private meeting rooms complete with whiteboards, pinboards and smart TVs.

Membership prices at Lisbon WorkHub start at a high-value EUR 175 plus VAT per month. If you’re a digital nomad, you can buy a day pass for as little as EUR 19.

  • Location: R. Tabaqueira A2, 1950-256 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (non-members): Monday–Friday from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 919 877 499
  • Nearest metro: Braço de Prata

10. Spaces – Lisbon, Spaces Marques de Pombal

Spaces is one of the most popular coworking spaces in Lisbon thanks partly due to its central location – the adjacent Marquês de Pombal station allows you to travel just about anywhere in the city via metro or bus with ease.

On top of being a convenient place to get to, Spaces is a super-stylish place to work, with its bright, white-washed interior, high ceilings and standout touches of wood that give the place a cosy and minimalist ambience. The public areas feature satellite TV and comfortable seating. You’ll also find stylish balconies with city views on the upper floors.

Within walking distance of Spaces are attractions such as the popular street of Avenue da Liberdade and the cobbled streets of the historic Bairro Alto neighbourhood. Just across from Spaces is Parque Eduardo VII, an ideal place to relax with a picnic lunch.

Prices at Spaces in Lisbon start at EUR 269 per month. Offices are available for as little as EUR 295 per month.

  • Location: Praça Marquês de Pombal 14, 1250-162 Lisboa, Portugal
  • Opening times (members): 24/7
  • Phone: +351 21 123 4000
  • Nearest metro: Parque

Tell us what you think about Lisbon’s coworking scene

We want to make this guide the most useful on the web for digital nomads and remote workers looking to combine work and travel in Lisbon. The coworking spaces in this guide meet our criteria for providing a productive and stylish work environment, and we’ll update this article periodically to keep the details current. If you can help out, we’d really appreciate it.

Which coworking spaces in Lisbon do you think are best for digital nomads and remote workers who want to escape their home office from time to time? Are there any amazing spaces that deserve a mention in this guide? Is there anything else you think we should include to make this guide even more useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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