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Effective Date: September 26th 2023

  1. Accuracy of Information:
    • (“We”) produces journalistic guides, articles and listicles on digital nomadism, remote working, coworking spaces, coliving spaces, accommodations, and attractions worldwide. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, our articles may temporarily contain inaccurate or outdated information, despite our efforts to minimise this.
  2. Research and Fact-Checking:
    • We thoroughly research venues through reviews, online sources and official websites. Our research aims to determine whether venues meet criteria important to our audience, such as central location, budget-friendly options and community offerings.
    • We fact-check our information where possible with each venue’s official website.
  3. Contacting Venues:
    • After publishing articles that feature venues, we make efforts to contact the venues to notify them of their appearance on our website. We do this shortly after publication to maintain transparency with venues and provide them an opportunity to review their information.
    • Please note that while we make every effort to contact venues, circumstances may arise where we are unable to establish contact. In such cases, we cannot be held responsible for our inability to notify or engage with the venue.
  4. Objectivity and Writing Style:
    • We aim to describe venues objectively and factually, although certain aspects may be open to interpretation, such as a venue’s style or atmosphere.
    • Our content is written in an engaging and exciting style, adhering to style guides and tone of voice documents for consistency and compliance with journalistic practices.
  5. Commercial Neutrality:
    • We do not base our content or article order on commercial incentives, and we strive for fairness and unbiased reporting.
  6. Use of Venue Images:
    • To ensure fairness to all venues and convey the overall atmosphere accurately, we make efforts to find a recent photo that best represents each venue featured in our articles. In cases where a suitable Creative Commons or stock photo cannot be found or used to accurately portray the venue, we may use an image from the venue’s official website or social media channels.
    • We use these images for journalistic and informational purposes to inform our readers about venues worldwide. This usage falls under the principles of fair use, as we are a news and informational website. It is essential to us that venues featured in the same article with an image do not gain an unfair commercial advantage in the eyes of our readers.
    • When we source images directly from a venue’s official website or social media channels, we take steps to notify the venue of their listing on our website. This notification provides venues with an opportunity to request changes to the image, information, or request an image replacement. We are committed to addressing such requests promptly and fairly.
    • Please note that our use of images is in line with journalistic practices and is intended for informational and illustrative purposes. We strive to maintain transparency and fairness while adhering to the principles of fair use. We also respect user data privacy in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which details our data collection and usage practices.

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